Social Skills and Behavior Data

In my work with students, identifying areas of social skill deficit provides direction for my counseling services and guides my goals.  Gathering baseline data and progress monitoring allows me to measure progress. If you are like me, you have too much paperwork and not enough hours in the day to complete it.  Two tools that I have created assist me with identifying skills to focus on and monitoring progress.  The Social Behavior Questionnaire (mentioned in a previous post) is a questionnaire that I give to teachers whose students I am working with.  This provides me with some general information to focus on in my sessions with students.  My Excel Behavior program allows me to enter a number of pieces of data (check sheet info, observations and office referrals) and the program automatically generates graphs and a quick data report.  Please feel free to use these and share with others.

Thanks for checking them out!


Erics Excel Behavior Program BETA EXAMPLE

Elias Social Behavioral Questionaire


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